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     Motorcycle sprockets are our specialty. Don't take our word for it, ask Top Fuel pilot, and AHDRA National Champion, Phil Schmidt. Superior Racing Sprockets were on his Top Fuel Championship Rocket.

     Superior Racing Sprockets has a long history of supporting local racing teams and continues to produce unsurpassed quality products for your race, street, or custom rockets..
Superior Racing Sprockets
     Superior Racing Sprockets (SRS) offers the highest quality motorcycle sprockets available on the market today. We specialize in custom sprockets of all kinds for motorcycles, quad cycles, even bicycles. We can make rear sprockets to match your wheel designs or make you a monster 127 toother for your stunt bike.  Offsets and  jack shaft sprockets for your fatty, or a replacement sprocket for your weekend ride, we can make them all. Great sprockets at even better prices.

Superior motorcycle sprockets was born out of vision. Machinists coming together to superior quality sprockets for the racing, custom and domestic motorcycle sprocket markets. State of the art CNC machining processes plus fifty years of experience, guarantees you superior products built with American steel and American know how.

     Our sprockets stand up to the most demanding environments. Our products have been race tested. A sprocket's greatest nightmare is Top Fuel drag bike racing. Those rockets are banging through the gears to over 225mph in just 440 yards. A.H.D.R.A. Top Fuel Champion Phil Schmidt trusted our metal and so can you. We build "Sprockets for Rockets" with extremely tight tolerances with unsurpassed build quality and longevity.

     SRS is not just a retail and race team supplier. We also supply sprocket distributors across America. So if you need hundreds of sprockets or just one,  we can meet your demand. Our quality high precision product will keep you or your customers coming back.
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