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Low qualifier Phil Schmidt 6.669 @ 213.21 photo by hooliganunderground.com
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all Harley Drag Racing Association
     SRS was born out of vision. Machinists coming together to become the sprocket specialists for the racing, custom and domestic motorcycle sprocket markets. State of the art CNC machining processes combined with  45 years of experience guarantees you superior products built with American steel and American know how.

     Our sprockets stand up to the most demanding environments. For instance, Top Fuel drag bike racing is a sprockets nightmare. Those rockets are banging through the gears to over 225mph in just 440 yards. Just ask Phil Schmidt, 2009 A.H.D.R.A. Top Fuel Champion, He trusts our metal and so can you. We build "sprockets for rockets" with extremely tight tolerances and the same skill and technology goes into your street sprocket.
     Superior Racing Sprockets (SRS) offers the highest quality motorcycle sprockets on the market from seven to 127 teeth, flat, offset or custom.  We specialize in custom applications like Hayabusa offset sprockets for big tire kits, and JACK SHAFT replacement sprockets for that super fatty. No one offers a wider range of sprockets. We accommodate domestic motorcycles, customs and race bike sprockets ranging from 7 teeth to 127 teeth, flat or custom offsets.
     SRS is not just a retail and race team supplier. We also supply sprocket distributors across America So, if you need hundreds of sprockets or just one,  we can meet your demand with quality high precision made product that will keep you or your customers coming back.

Make Superior Racing Sprockets Your Motorcycle Sprocket Specialists

     Motorcycle sprockets are our specialty. Unlike other companies who purchase their sprockets from others and have no quality control, we manufacture our own motorcycle sprockets and guarantee quality strength and durability. Superior Sprockets is an OEM manufacturer so you may already have purchased our products. Now you can buy your motorcycle sprockets direct.
     Full money back refund or replacement for any manufacturing defects. Guarantee does not cover normal ware. There are also NO RETURNS on custom made special order sprockets or racing sprockets.

Motorcycle Sprocket Guarantee

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